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The efficiency and success of a company are functions of its goals, processes, organization and technology created in unison with environmental possibilities and requirements. Folyamatmenedzsment It is the processes that create the link among the company’s goals, its strategy, the environmental expectations and the events occurring in the real world. These processes can be defined as sequences of events, tasks carried out so as an expectation, a requirement, or a goal can be met. The most important objective of a leader is to form and introduce processes in his/her field that can help achieve the goals and requirements of that field. A field is said to be well managed and under control if the colleagues working there, know and use the process regulations related to that field, and they are able to achieve the goals and satisfy the requirements of that field without continuous managerial guiding, communication and intervention.

Our experience shows that competitiveness and excellence of a company has two key factors:

  1. the operation of continuously improved, reliable processes,
  2. and the shaping of a suitable organizational culture.

Should a company own outstanding experiences in these areas, it could mean long-term competitive edge for it, that cannot be imitated, cannot be bought, it can only be acquired with slow, consistent work – for the competition as well. One must invest in abilities translating into true, lasting value and competitive edge; it can only be achieved with persisting work and trouble. This way the know-how of the organization is increased through the improvement of the competencies of the employees working in the organization and in these processes.
Excellent processes and organizational culture need excellent leaders (in key positions) that consciously improve the organizational processes, behavioural norms, and leads by example.
Our process management principles:

  1. In order to improve the operation, the processes need to be improved.
  2. Process improvement should start because of strategic goals and customer needs.
  3. In order to successfully improve processes, the involvement and active cooperation of key employees working in that field is needed.
  4. Integrated approach. The processes should be developed together with the company’s control system (performance measurement, assessment, incentives, IT applications, standards, 5S, visual control) so the results remain sustainable.
  5. The documentation, analysis and development of the processes are worth as much as is implemented from them in practice by the daily work of employees on that field.

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