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Képzésszervezés ügyfélszolgálat :
nyitvatartási ideje: H-P 8:30-16:30 óra.
Cím:   1112 Budapest, Jégvirág utca 12.
Tel:   06-1-201-1235

Description practical trainings in a structured, modular system whose full or partial completion means that the participants will be able to tend to their managerial position’s requirements more efficiently and successfully at a higher level. The completion of the Kvalikon Leadership Academy strengthens the flexibility of the participants, changes their view, attitude, and a positive relationship to change is created. The participants’ communication methods improve, their tolerance threshold and self-confidence rise, all these come with generally heightened responsibility. Topics are finished by having acquired new knowledge and competences that are needed to successfully do their jobs.
The concept of Kvalikon Leadership Academy: The two basic modules contain two different (tactical and strategic) kinds of skill-sets that a leader’s work depends on. The other modules, found in three categories, are facultative. The goal of these is to improve practical competences needed to control individual, organizational, and process-based systems.
What does ’practice orientation’ mean?
Parallel to the training, each participant receives a customized pilot task, as well as a personal competence development plan is formulated together. Our trainers observe the participants practices, methodically give feedback to them according to the curriculum, and jointly assess the progress made in the personal competence development plan.
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Telefon/Fax: (061)201 1235
E-mail: kepzes@kvalikon.hu

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